TheoTrade Review

T heoTrade specializes in education for options, futures, and stocks. The service was started by professional traders who are first and foremost experienced trading educators.


This is an online trading school that targets traders of all levels, i.e. novices, intermediate and advanced traders. The idea is to help them become better traders as the developers believe any trader can take their game to the next level.

The service is designed to impart all the trading knowledge you need through the classes that it offers. We shall look at these classes in detail later on in our discussion.

This program is the brainchild of Don Kaufmann, who is a well-known individual in the financial world. He has previously worked at TD Ameritrade and Thinkorswim, where he was in charge of the educational content on the platform.

This is enough to tell you that this is an individual who knows what he is doing, and you can trust the information provided in the educational resources.

And we haven’t even mentioned that Don has been trading stocks and options for over twenty years. So, everything he shares is from first-hand experience. What better teacher could you ask for?

Other notable members of his team include Doc Severson and Jeff Bierman, who also have decades of experience as traders, and their contribution to the program cannot be underrated.

Key Features of the Program

In this section, we shall look at the components of this program and how you can help you out into becoming a better trader. We will break them down in detail so that you can clearly see what the services are all about.

1. TheoTrade Classes

This is obviously the standout feature of this program, and it covers all aspects of the market that you could think of. This includes options, stocks, futures and forex, and the team of instructors will guide you on how you can make a killing from the items we have mentioned.

Then, the fact that all the courses have been formulated by a team with a minimum experience of fifteen years points at how reliable lessons are.

It is impressive that you can subscribe for individual classes or the entire program so that you have access to all the courses offered. So, go for what you consider to be most convenient.

Some of the classes that you could gain access to include:

  • Options 101/201 courses
  • Sell Premium class
  • Essential Skills for Consistency in Trading class
  • Beginner’s Guide to Intraday Futures Class
  • Strategy Week: Using High Probability Options Strategies

Besides the classes, Don Kaufmann, the developer, offers a free e-Book and newsletter with ideas that could help you earn more profits in your trades.

2. TheoChat Live Trading Room

After the theoretical lessons on trading, TheoTrade now provides you with a live trading room that teaches traders the practical tenets of trading. All this will be offered on a real-time basis, and you’ll get the rare opportunity to trade alongside Kaufmann, the developer himself.

In addition to that, the live trading room will allow you to interact with other members of TotalTheo Community and other instructors in charge of the platform. Here, you will get valuable tips and ideas on how to become a better trader and share you can also share yours too.

Another thing worth mentioning is that once you become a member of the live trading room, you will get full access to the program’s shared indicators, charts and trade tracker.

Lastly, the program also hosts live events to allow you to learn from the pros through live networking.

3. Tutorials

Don also invites you to join his tutorials, where he gives you in-depth insight into the market. Since he has been a trader for over two decades, he shares with you the different aspects of the stock and options market.

He shares with you what he has done to remain a successful trader all this time and what you can do to emulate his success.

4. TheoNight Daily Reports- Premium Video Newsletter

Here, you will get nightly video market updates to tell you how the markets are doing and know what to expect the following day. The videos may be short, lasting about ten minutes, but you cannot underestimate their importance.

All you will need to do is listen for a few minutes, and you can identify which areas need improving for you to become a better trader.

5. Buy/Sell Alerts

Once you subscribe to this program, you will be entitled to weekly alerts advising you whether you can buy or sell your stocks. Keep in mind that the alerts are quite a few, only one or two in a week, but they could be the difference between being a successful trader and a failure.

6. The Rebel’s Guide to Trading Options

If you are an aspiring options trader, you will find this eBook to be quite appealing. It covers all the relevant topics in the field in great detail so that nothing is left out. Some of the lessons you’ll learn are how to make profits in an unpredictable market and how to protect your investments.

The best thing about this book is that it comes absolutely free.

7. Daily Video Newsletter

There is no harm in getting extra information about the market, and it may give you an edge over other traders. So, you can sign up for the TheoVideo market newsletter to get daily insights into the market, and the information you get could help you plan for your next move as you trade.

8. TheoTrade Blog

This is the space where Don and other members of his team get to air their opinions on different matters affecting the market. It could be about the bullish pattern in the options market or the market risk factors that could affect your earnings.

Whichever the case, there’s always something you can learn from this blog.

9. Free Resources

Besides Rebel’s Guide to Options Trading, there are other free educational contents that could help you improve your trading skills.

These resources include:

  • 83 stocks to trading weekly options
  • TastyWorks
  • TD Ameritrade
  • E*Trade
  • CliffNotes

What else could you ask for other than accessing educational content to help you become a better trader at no cost at all?


From what we have gathered, TheoTrade is a trading education platform that is designed to help you become a better trader, regardless of your experience in the market. If the developers’ claims are valid, the content presented here is sure to take your trading prowess to the next level.

As a general reminder, though, you should never blindly believe everything that random creators out there have to say. Some of them are just there to ‘feast’ on your hard-earned money.

That being said, by looking at TheoTrade’s contents, we believe you can gain a lot from it. You only need to be patient and ready to put in the work.

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