Best Stock Market Apps for Android

Do you remember what it was like to have to go to the bank to deposit a check (suggesting you remember checks)?

Heading to the bank, filling out slips, and waiting in line, all for a transaction that took mere minutes to wrap up? Wasn’t that fun?

Trading was once just as cumbersome. It really wasn’t that long ago that people had to rely on daily newspapers for information about stocks. You were stuck dealing with a broker and even relying on phone calls for transactions.

Then the glorious internet changed everything!

We gained mechanisms for learning about stocks at any time, from the comfort of home (my Trading Challenge students will tell you it’s a great way to learn).

Then, smartphones shifted that paradigm, making it possible to stay informed while on the go.

Now, smartphone apps make monitoring the stock market and trading a breeze. You find out about pricing and complete transactions from anywhere, as long as you can connect to the network. It’s beautiful!

Today we’re gonna talk about Android apps. Yeah, there are tons of us who love their iPhones. I’ll cover iPhone stock market apps in a future post. If I cover both Android and iPhone here, you’ll be reading forever — because I have a lot to say about stock market apps.

1. Stocktwits

If you combine social media and stock tracking, you end up with StockTwits.

If you’re wondering, “What’s the best app for watching stocks?” StockTwits could be it. Not only do you get real-time data, but you can also gauge investor sentiment, all in one place.

StockTwits also features news and professionally curated stock lists, introducing traders to new possibilities. The ability to engage with the community is also helpful, as you can discuss strategies with other traders you respect (and ignore the morons).

While StockTwits covers stocks thoroughly, it also taps into the cryptocurrency, forex, and futures markets, making it a bit more comprehensive. With the included earnings calendar, you can also prepare for upcoming events, like the release of earnings reports.

As a bonus, if you use Robinhood, you can connect your account and trade for free through StockTwits. This also allows you to share information about your verified trades with the community if you want to be a more active part of the conversation.

2. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is one of the most trusted names in finance, and for good reason.

Not only is the company a news heavyweight, but they also developed the Bloomberg Terminal, the software that gives professionals serious monitoring and analysis power, and trade-initiating capabilities.

The Bloomberg app is one of the top free stock apps for Android around.

If you appreciate customization — which I definitely do — you can’t go wrong with this app.

You can configure it to display the news you want to see and decide when you get a price alert notification.

And creating a personal stock portfolio is a breeze, making it easy to know if you’re in the green or red.

Prefer your information in a video format? With the Bloomberg app, you can tune into Bloomberg Television Live with a few taps. The interface is simple and intuitive, so navigating is as natural as possible.

3. TD Ameritrade

I’ve used TD Ameritrade and know tons of people who use it regularly. It’s a great stock trading app from a brokerage standpoint, making buying a really straightforward process.

The commission fees set at $6.95 per trade (at the time of this writing), so the cost is very competitive. There aren’t any additional subscription fees or platform fees to mess with, so you can keep your costs manageable.

With the TD Ameritrade app, there’s no minimum cash deposit for getting started. On this point alone, many consider it the best stock trading app Android has to offer for beginners. Here, you can begin your trading journey even if you don’t have a lot of cash.

The app is also a comprehensive information source. Along with real-time streaming quotes, you can access a ton of research and news. Since staying informed is critical for trading, it really puts everything you need in one place.

It’s important to note that TD Ameritrade’s mobile app is lacking in one area: shorting.

If you want to short, then E*Trade is better in that regard. However, there’s nothing to say you can’t use both, letting you get the best of both worlds.

4. Yahoo Finance

When it comes to name recognition, Yahoo! Finance is hard to beat. And it remains relevant for a good reason.

Even if other aspects of Yahoo! (like the email service) no longer garner respect, Yahoo! Finance is a kick-ass free Android stock market app around when you need information.

You can monitor your personal portfolio, add stocks to a watch list, and even personalize the news feed.

Yahoo! Finance also goes well beyond stocks. The app tracks currencies, bonds, equities, commodities, and even the world markets. Plus, you can monitor over 100 cryptocurrencies, all from this one app.

The Yahoo! Finance app doesn’t support actual trading, but it’s super-useful for information. And it doesn’t cost a dime to use. Why wouldn’t you want all of this data available with a simple tap of your finger?

5. Investing Dot Com

The free Android app continues to rate highly among traders and investors. Live quotes are available in only a few taps, and charts for over 100,000 stocks are available for your viewing pleasure.

In the app, you can find valuable information about stocks, bonds, futures, options, commodities, and more. Plus, there are details from foreign exchanges, making it even more comprehensive.

From inside the app, you can create watchlists and customize a portfolio, making stock monitoring easy. If you want to stay on top of new developments, set up some customizable alerts, so you know when a price reaches a specified threshold or a percentage change occurs.

Alerts are also available for news articles and economic events, giving you even more power when it comes to staying informed. You can also take advantage of the economic calendar feature, allowing to you track market-moving events.

6. Robinhood

Want to trade stock in real-time without commissions and fees? Then Robinhood may be the right stock trading app for you.

Robinhood targets newbies, including day trading beginners, so some experienced traders are skeptical about what it has to offer. I’m not a big Robinhood fan myself — and I explain why in the video below — but there’s no denying the app is a game changer, making trading accessible to practically anyone.

Along with stocks, options, and ETFs, Robinhood also offers cryptocurrency trading without fees. Users can access charts with intuitive designs, check historical market data, and get customer support

The buying process is easy. When you find a stock you want, just tap “Buy,” enter the number of shares, and tap the check mark. Then, with a single swipe, your transaction is complete. Boom.

7. TradeHero

Are you looking for a free Android stock market app that focuses on learning? Say hello to TradeHero, where you can practice trading in a safe environment and with access to real-world data.

To be a great trader, honing your skills is a must. But, that usually means putting money on the line, and that’s intimidating for beginners — or those who don’t have much to lose.

Even testing out a new market strategy is risky, no matter how much experience you have. With TradeHero, you get to put your trading chops to the test, all without any real risk.

When you sign up, you get $100,000 in fake money to create a fantasy portfolio. Then, you can compete against other users and try to work your way up the leaderboard.

Along the way, you can receive alerts about specific stocks and access tutorials full of tips. There’s also a ton of info from news sources, keeping you informed along the way.

You get to learn by doing without putting your money on the line. What’s better than that?

If you do decide that you’re ready to trade CFDs for real, you can do that with TradeHero too. Just exit virtual mode, open a live account, deposit funds, and take advance of their commission-free platform.

8. Etrade

E*Trade is one of the most recognizable names in trading. Who doesn’t remember the seven-year run of E*Trade baby ads?

The E*Trade Mobile app is similar to TD Ameritrade’s, except that it’s significantly better for shorting. Otherwise, you can trade in most major securities, like stocks, options, mutual funds, and ETFs, once you open a brokerage account with them.

Plus, E*Trade puts information right in the palm of your hand. Do you want real-time stock quotes? Comprehensive news from leading sources like MarketWatch and Morningstar? CNBC video-on-demand? It’s all right there.

The dashboard is also completely customizable, so you can access educational materials and comparison charts fast. Trade executions are a breeze and, at $6.95 per trade, the pricing is competitive.

You can even create watchlists, simplifying your research process. I’m a huge fan of watchlists. You’re always welcome to check out my penny stock watchlist.

If you’re a tablet user, E*Trade is one of my favorite stock market apps for Android tablets.

Instead of just making the smartphone display larger, it gives you an optimized design. That means more information and a visually attractive format, all created for a better tablet experience. It’s great.